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"Timani can not just solve physical problems, but it can also help you to really get out your musical expression; so that it flows through you, just as you dreamt of in the time you chose to become a musician."

– Dagny Bakken, co-principal 2.violin in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

As musicians we are completely dependent on the coordination skills of our body. The interplay of muscular use is really complex, and it is therefore useful to have specific knowledge about what is actually going on when we play and sing. This is where Timani comes in as a unique supplement to traditional teaching methods.

Timani can help musicians and teachers to develop a deep understanding of the body and its function while playing and singing, based on anatomy and science.
Many musicians feel that through Timani they have gotten answers to questions related to their instrumental and musical challenges, and that they gain more conscious choices on how to use their body when practicing.

Elin teach Timani at Department of Music NTNU in Trondheim, Tromsø Music Conservatory, The Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo - at the Music School as well as hosting her own courses at home an abroad. As a Timani Master Teacher she also teach at the Timani Academy in Oslo
Elin also offer private sessions.

At a Timani lesson you learn concrete knowledge and exercises to help enhance your physical potential through a more healthy use of the body, it might also prevent repetitive strain injury. You will learn basic principles on how to stand, sit, breathe and use your fingers, arms and shoulders while playing and singing. You will also learn how to use your feet, sitting bones and hands to push away from the ground. This will help to give secure contact, control and accuracy between the instrument, body and brain. When the signals between the body and brain moves more efficiently, it will be easier to let music flow through the system and have increased clarity when practising and on stage.

"It is crazy how little we know about what the body actually wants and what is good for it. And it is unbelievable what one can get used to when we don’t know better. If one first has become aware of the possibilities, it is impossible to go back to old technique."

– Marte H. Wulff, artist





Please contact me if you want to book a private sessions in Oslo, Trondheim or Tromsø or over Skype at:
90 min NOK 750/550 (students)
60 min NOK 650/500 (students)

Also check out my calendar for future weekend courses and workshops!

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