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Musicians' First Aid

Without meeting the right people with the right knowledge I would not be a musician today. At least not a happy one. Destructive patterns and long term pain issues was my previous reality.

Are you tired of the same old thoughts telling you you aren't good enough?

Are you dreaming big, but playing small to fit into everybody's expectations?

Are you longing to know what actually happens underneath your skin when you play?

Do you deep within know that it's possible to be a musician without compromising on who you are? 

Well then Musicians' First Aid is for you!

Since 2012 I've changed the lives of hundreds of musicians with the same tools that changed my own life.

I've taught and lectured at most of Norway's Music Institutions, held courses in Rwanda, Palestine, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, England and Iceland.

In addition to holding a Bachelor Degree in Music I'm trained in a variety of mental techniques, including Brainspotting and Meditation, and as a masseuse at Axelson's Body Work School. And I've taken a 3-year certification in Timani at Musicians Health and Movement Institute in Oslo where I now work as a Timani Master Teacher.


With my unique knowledge from different fields, I've guided musicians, at all stages of their careers, into a healthier relationship with their body and mind.

Want to learn more? Click here.

Ready to change your destructive patterns into new knowledge and concrete tools for more control, freedom and joy? Go ahead and book your first session with Elin here.

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